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Hi, Brian here! I’m a software developer at FoodMarble. The software team works really closely with the CX and UX teams to make sure that the FoodMarble apps are as useful as possible to our community. We’re constantly updating the apps, so as part of The Digest series, every few weeks I’m going to give you an overview of recent updates so you can see what we’re working on!

Some of the updates we introduced in August 2019:

We recently updated the FoodMarble app to include a new way to track your digestion over the week, improvements to the food logging experience, a streamlined pairing system and more.


My colleague Elaine recently wrote about this new feature and how it can help you get to the bottom of your digestive issues. We got a lot of feedback from the FoodMarble community about how they would love to see their results over the week, so we added Trends to the app in the latest update.

You can find your Trends as a tab on the home page of the app, beside your Daily results. The Trends section shows your breath, sleep and stress scores over the past week.

It’s important to track Sleep and Stress as they have a telling impact on how well our digestive system functions. It’s recognized that stress has a negative impact on our gut microbiota, by reducing diversity, numbers and balance. Personal food-symptom and stress-symptom relations can be detected, and may translate into specific daily symptom patterns.

Hopefully this new feature will give you some interesting insights!

Screenshot of Trends feature on FoodMarble app

Digestive Assistant Cards: Sleep, Stress, Breaths

You may start to notice some new cards popping up on your home page as you use the app. This update, along with our new Trends feature, bring your data trends to the home page so you can see them more easily.

Improved meal logging experience

Last December we completely revamped our food logging experience, but we haven’t stopped there. Over the past number of months, we have been putting out regular updates to increase the efficiency and ease of logging meals. This latest update increases the customisability of logging a previous meal – now you can quickly edit previously logged meals, removing or adding new components as you wish.

Screenshot of meal logging feature on FoodMarble app

Challenge preparation cards

We’ve added an update to the FODMAP Challenge section. Now, when you schedule a FODMAP Challenge we will recommend some tasty low FODMAP meals you can eat when preparing for your Challenge. All recipes are either written by or reviewed by our in-house Registered Dietitian, Niall Moloney. Get in touch with us if you’d like to see a particular recipe or food included! Don’t forget to check out our series of Recipes on our blog as well.

Pairing Device

We have streamlined the pairing process between your Android device and the FoodMarble AIRE. Your device will now automatically pair to your phone.

Before you go…

Have any features in mind that you would like to see added in the future? At FoodMarble we love hearing feedback from our users, so please get in touch! You can email us at, or get in touch through any of our social media channels!

Brian Bourke, MEng

Brian Bourke, MEng

14 September, 2019 | The Digest, AIRE

FoodMarble AIRE is the world’s first personal hydrogen breath tester. It is a pocket-sized breath analysis device. It helps people with chronic digestive issues determine the foods that work best with their digestive system. To learn more about FoodMarble, visit

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