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Hi guys! In this instalment of The Digest I want to take you through one of my favourite new features of the app, the Breath Test Result Screen. We added this screen to the app to help answer a commonly asked question:

“How do I interpret my fermentation score to get the most from my FoodMarble AIRE?”

We are always working to find new ways to help you on your digestive discovery journey so you can gain the most from your FoodMarble AIRE, and ultimately, find your foods!

To do that, we designed and developed a new feedback feature that will assist you in understanding your fermentation scores, and also help pinpoint which food components may be causing you discomfort.

So how does it work?

After you take a breath test with your FoodMarble AIRE, your fermentation score will be calculated.

By consistently logging all meals, symptoms and breaths, you can gain deeper insights into your fermentation scores and begin to identify patterns within your own unique digestive system. To learn more about fermentation, click here.

The new breath test result screen highlights the total FODMAP contents of your recent meals. In the example below, eggs, bread and butter combine to have a medium FODMAP content overall. This could be displayed as Low or High depending on the FODMAP content of the individual meal components.

Breath Test Result Screen - Medium Fermentation

But we haven’t stopped there!

We went one step further to really help you pinpoint the individual food culprits behind high fermentation scores and any possible accompanying digestive symptoms.

Take for example my breath test result with a high fermentation score of 10, following some vegetable soup I had for lunch (image below).

By selecting the Total FODMAP content ‘HIGH’, I can see the entire meal breakdown, and quickly identify that the leek, onions and bread roll components of the meal are all Medium to High in FODMAPs.

By selecting this ‘HIGH’ FODMAP result for Leek, the food database shows me that leeks are high in fructose and FOS.

To gain the most from this feature, it’s important to log all your meals, snacks and drinks throughout the day. For example, let’s look at the breath test result screen below for a user who has blown a high fermentation score of 8.0, but has not logged any meals or symptoms for that day.

Little insight is gained from this breath test result screen. Although they are experiencing high fermentation, because they haven’t logged any meals, it’s difficult to pinpoint the root cause of the high fermentation and any potential accompanying symptoms. If they can remember what they ate throughout the day, this user can go back and log their meals retrospectively, and will then be able to see the FODMAP contents of their meals.

With this new feature you will be able to better understand and interpret your fermentation scores. This will help you pinpoint which food components may be causing you discomfort.

FODMAP Indicators

Another new feature we added to the app this month is the FODMAP Indicator icons.

The visibility of these icons depend on the results you receive after completing the associated FODMAP challenge. The FODMAP Indicator icons appear as little red bubbles beside foods high in those FODMAPs, i.e. Inulin (I), Fructose (F), Lactose (L) and Sorbitol (S).

FODMAP Indicators

For example, if your Sorbitol FODMAP challenge indicated you have difficulty digesting sorbitol, then a little bubble with the letter S will be displayed next to ingredients in the food database which contain high amounts of sorbitol. You can see examples for sorbitol and lactose in the screen below. This new feature can help you make more informed choices when selecting your meals, and I hope you find it useful!

FODMAP Sorbitol and Lactose Indicators Example

Before you go…

I hope you like these new app features! If you have any features in mind that you would like to see added in the future, please get in touch! You can email us at, or get in touch through any of our social media channels!

Brian Bourke, MEng

Brian Bourke, MEng

28 November, 2019 | The Digest, AIRE

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