Backers across the globe have started sharing their AIRE unboxing! We’re excited to see pre-order backers opening their devices, and we’d love for you to share your first experience with AIRE. Join in and share your AIRE unboxing on social media!

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Early users have been giving us great feedback about their experience with AIRE, which we use to continuously evolve the app. We look forward to hearing input from all our pre-order backers. If you’ve already received your AIRE and would like to share your feedback or AIRE unboxing, please email us at!

Lots of great photos and videos of AIREs arriving at their new homes!








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It’s arrived!! #AIRE by @foodmarble #fodmaptesting #crowdfunding A post shared by Prithi (@thesalttrucks) on

Thanks to Yvette for sending in pictures of her new AIRE!

Big thanks to Matthew for sharing his entire AIRE unboxing experience!

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