Since starting to ship our pre-order units, we’ve been engaging with our backers to hear their feedback while we continue to enhance the product. Here’s the latest list of updates we’ve made, things our backers love so far, and what our developers are currently working on:

Images of some of the recent updates to the AIRE app, like the ability to edit your food log.

Successful updates made so far:

  • Improved Food Search now shows the levels of FODMAPs in everyday foods compared to the recommended maximum cut-off levels according to the latest research in this area *
  • Enhanced instructional content in the app
  • Increased the list of foods in the food library (more additions in the future)
  • Added the ability to edit and delete foods and symptoms logged in app (now on both Android and iOS)
  • Stronger stickers on the device packaging (to avoid tearing in transit)

What people like most:

  • The packaging in general:
    “The packaging was fantastic — really exclusive. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything that looked as nice!”
    “It was very nicely presented and I wasn’t expecting to get the nice pouch for carrying the device around.”
  • Easy to use app:
    “I wasn’t expecting the first version of the app to be so user-friendly.”
  • Look and feel of the device itself:
    “It’s much smaller than I was expecting. It looks very sleek!”
  • Quality of instructions in the quick start guide:
    “I really liked the quick start guide in the box. The instructions were clear and set-up was very easy!”

Updates we’re currently working on:

  • Ability to delete breath tests from profile (coming very soon)
  • New food logging interface, making it easier to create meals that you can use again in future for faster logging
  • Weekly overview of data for greater insights into how you’re responding to food
  • More in-app digestive tips and educational content

List last updated: 2018–08–24

We plan to continue enhancing AIRE as we learn more about what our users need most. If you have feedback or suggestions for us about AIRE, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via — we’d love to hear what you have to say.


*If you’d like to read more about this research yourself, you can find it in this paper: FODMAPs: food composition, defining cutoff values and international application, Varney, J., Barrett, J., Scarlata, K., Catsos, P., Gibson, P. and Muir, J. (2017)