We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially during the summer months. Sometimes you might want something a bit more refreshing than water. Finding a summer drink that is low FODMAP but also super tasty can be challenging, since many drinks may contain large amounts of fructose and sorbitol. This is where iced tea comes in!

I have created a super refreshing iced tea using a blend of tea leaves. I chose a mixture of black, green and peppermint tea as they are well tolerated by most people with IBS.

Low FODMAP Tip: If you are sensitive to tea, brew the green and black tea for less time, it will still taste great! You could also try this recipe with just green or black tea instead. Peppermint tea is low FODMAP, and there is evidence that peppermint can help with IBS symptoms.


Difficulty Rating: Easy
Prep/ Cooking Time: At least 20 minutes – if you want a stronger iced tea (not recommended if you have a sensitive gut) then you can leave the tea brewing for longer in the fridge
Serves: 2-3 people

Serve chilled over ice (lots of ice!) and keep refrigerated, good for 2-4 days.


NB: Choose fruits that are really juicy (especially the kiwis!)

  1. 2 ripe and juicy kiwis
  2. 1 lemon
  3. 1 lime
  4. 1 ripe and juicy orange (Low FODMAP Tip: mandarins are also low FODMAP and tasty when in season)
  5. A sprig of mint
  6. A sprig of basil
  7. Sugar syrup (50ml table sugar mixed with 50ml of boiling water)
  8. 600ml chilled water
  9. Black tea, green tea and peppermint tea (I used one teabag of each)
  10. Ice

You will also need

  1. Juicer (I used an electric one but a regular one works well too)
  2. Sharp knife
  3. Large jug
  4. Small jug or bowl for the sugar syrup
  5. Chopping board
  6. Bowl to collect the juice from the juicer
  7. Chilled glass or bottle for serving


  1. Carefully mix 50ml of boiling water with 50g of sugar. Mix well and leave aside to cool fully.
  2. Fill the jug with the chilled water and place all of the teabags into the jug, along with the mint and basil. Allow this to brew for as a long as desired. I allowed it to brew while we were preparing the fruit (approx. 20 minutes). If you want to brew for longer, place the jug in the fridge, and be aware that the tea will be stronger and may cause issues for sensitive guts.
  3. Chop all of the fruit in half and juice each one, piece by piece. I used an electric juicer (super quick and easy). Alternatively, you can use a hand operated juicer.
  4. Optional: The pips (from the kiwis) can be removed by pouring the freshly squeezed juice over a sieve. However, I chose to keep these for added texture and bite.
  5. Carefully remove the teabags and herbs from the jug.
  6. Add the freshly squeezed juice to the jug and mix gently.
  7. Add sugar syrup to taste. The ripe fruits have a natural sweetness so very little is needed.
  8. Serve your iced tea in a chilled glass over lots of ice or in a chilled bottle if you are on the go.

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